Andersons of Nottingham featured in exclusive Suzuki photoshoot

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We were approached back in February from leading advertising agency NOAH of London to feature in a new style brochure for their clients Suzuki motors.

Suzuki, as you may well know make passenger cars. Their philosophy is ‘The Way of Life’. Suzuki cars are built for the way we live today. Their inspiration comes from us, different people, with different lives. That’s the Suzuki way. It’s the Suzuki way of life.

Their new brochure show offs a variety of scenarios that emphasise how much there is to offer in a city such as Nottingham and really encourage people to visit.

Suzuki are to promote different parts of the UK that people may have not visited before, or know very much about, in a positive way so that they will go, discover and visit in their cars.

We had a great afternoon with their team from Terry Paul Photography and must admit that the final image looks really great.













Andersons of Nottingham
Suzuki Motors
Terry Paul Photography


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